Jonqui Albin

Bird Arting

Habitat Bird Sketching Meetups are the source of my creativity, art and education content intended to foster personal growth and planet stewardship involvement.

---Jonqui Albin 
   Bird Activist Artist

   Performer, Teacher

A high-energy artist, Jonqui Albin is best known for her flying wire bird sculptures, big bold narrative paintings, and powerful installations. As a tribute to wild birds and their conservation, she creates live-action rescue raptor portraits on stage at concerts and other events. Her current education program, “Bird Arting”, is the culmination of a life-long career as an innovative artist and enthusiastic, motivational art teacher. Through Bird Arting, she forges new connections between human and avian participants. Her Bird Arting programs help people connect art and nature through wild bird sketching walks in outdoor habitats and workshops featuring live rescue and falconry birds. Public outreach works include collaborative live bird events, large-scale environmental/cultural installations and videos.
In a career spanning the art scenes of Los Angeles, Berkeley and San Francisco, Albin is now based in her Sonoma, California Studio. Her education projects include working with Snoopy to teach busloads of kids at the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa and running Eco-Adventure Program for Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods in California's North Coast State Parks. For the past seven years, she's been a featured live action painter on stage with bands at the Davis Jazz and Beat Festival.  
Jonqui is currently heading a year-long Bird Arting program for the Gualala Arts Center, culminating in major aerial art exhibit of her work and that of her students, during 2016.
Jonqui Albin
Bird Activist Artist, Performer, Teacher
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