Jonqui Albin

Bird Arting

©Jonqui  Albin 2017, Sonoma, California  USA 

Focus is action by special attention to fleeting motion gestures and learning to understand the underlying mechanics through skeleton studies. This process involves many sketches in preparation for live sketching at a migration event January 24 in Northern California. There learnings are to be applied in development of large scale wire sculptures and 2-story Aerial Exhibit at Gualala Arts Center Sept 9-November 11, 2016.    Buy or Exhibit Info

Original works are distinguish by Jonqui's trademark bold action style, often using industrial materials. Selected limited reproductions offered.    Buy or Exhibit Info

Sandhill Cranes Study Sketchesfor 2016 Sculpture Installation Project 

Rescue Raptor Portraits  Fundraisers & Events--Art and Prints for sale; 10% donated to related non-profit.   Bookings, Buy or Exhibit Info