Jonqui Albin

Bird Arting

Wild Wire Cranes   Sandhill Cranes Action Attitude Sculptures. Inspired by Bay Delta Habitat Studies   Buy, Rent or Exhibit Info

Originals available for sale or rent: 6', painted steel and copper crowns. Commissions and project management offered, one or more; sculpted in steel, metal mix and with patina.

in steel; sculpted in mixed metal and patina or painted  

WILD WIRE BIRDS flying sculpture

Wild Wire Crows & Raptors   Inspired by Live in Habitat Field Sketchbooking   Buy, Rent or Exhibit Info

Originals vary 12" 36" sculptures, sold separately or as a flock in custom installation; natural steel and mixed metals. 

©Jonqui  Albin 2017, Sonoma, California  USA 

Original works are distinguish by Jonqui's trademark bold action style, often using industrial materials. Selected limited reproductions offered.     Buy, Custom Order or Exhibit Info

Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures

Wild Wire Birds flying sculptures are displayed as window or ceiling hung pieces. Small 10", Medium 25", Large 36",  Ex Large 48"-60" up. Custom works by commission. Installation design and installation services available. Order Request  707-338-86629,

Original pieces are hand sculpted using Jonqui's self-invented Mesh-Molding technique in primarily steel wire, or may  incorporate other materials.

Versatile installation includes suspension from ceiling, window frames and lamp shades.Wall suspension options hardware/resources offered. Custom wall hanging sculptures available by commission. Multi-bird decor installation design and consulting offered.

Sizes: Small 6"-12", Medium 24"-36", Large 36"-40", Special 45"up

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